“Sarah knows the genre inside and out. She not only has finger on the pulse of the literary world, but she is thoughtful, intelligent, and voraciously read. She’s a stickler for details, and the very thing you’d want in an exceptional editor.” – Mercedes M. Yardley

So, you’ve written your book and now you’re ready for whatever comes next.

Publishing can be confusing and overwhelming. There are a lot of different ways to get from point A to Z, and it can differ from person to person, and from book to book. However, at some point, your book will need an editor. A professional eye. Someone who is not close to the world you’ve created, and can see both the forest and the trees.

That’s where an editor comes in. More specifically, that’s where I come in.

As a developmental editor, my job is to read your book, and help you tighten it up. Make the great thing you’ve created even better. I look for all the small parts of the story that make it what it is, from character development, to world building, continuity, plot holes, motivation issues, prose, rhythm, and really anything and everything else. I look at all the various parts that make up your book, and help you make it the best it can possibly be.

I have a photographer’s eye for detail, and an author and book critic’s inside perspective of not only story, but how the industry operates. I am also a published author, so I know how the author-editor relationship works from sitting on both sides of that table. I strive to treat all of my authors the way I want my editor to treat me when I’m at that stage. I want all of my authors to succeed.

I am eager to bring all my expertise to your novel.

For a list of books I’ve edited, please click here for my Goodreads shelf. Please note, not every book I’ve edited has been published yet.

What I do:

  1. I read your book with an eye for detail, leaving in-line comments with suggestions and track changes as I go.
  2. I usually line edit as I work through your novel. I often find that sometimes doing something as simple as changing one word here and there can up the tension/add to the atmosphere/change the dynamic of a scene.
  3. Continuity, motivation, and plot are key and I focus on each element, ensuring all of them work together to best serve the book.
  4. Characters and world building matters, and I strive to make sure each element is developed realistically and to the best advantage of the story being told.
  5. I never suggest a change unless I have examples of potential fixes to give authors and/or reasons I suggest said changes.
  6. Your book needs to be easy to understand, paced well, and interesting. My job is to help you tighten all of these elements, and strike a balance between them.
  7. I strongly believe that every author has their own unique voice, and I work very, very hard to not change that. Your voice is what makes you unique. I strive help you shine bright, not to change you fundamentally.


Currently, I am charging $2.50 per page.

One page is defined as:

  • Word
  • Double spaced
  • 12pt. font
  • Times New Roman

I charge half up front, and half at the end. With new authors, I prefer to see the first five pages of your document, which I will edit and turn around for free. I believe in “try before you buy.” Editing is an investment, and I want you to know the kind of edits I offer, and be comfortable with them before you invest in my services.

Please note, my rates will change on January 1, 2021.

Additional Services

Sensitivity Reading

I am disabled, and I often serve as a sensitivity reader for authors looking to present accurate disabled characters in their books. Please contact me for more information.


Yes, I proof books. Please contact me for more information.

New service: Advising

I’ve had a few people request my services not in an editorial role, but more of an advisor.

If you aren’t certain if you’re ready for editing yet, or you know you aren’t but you need an outside eye or advise before you proceed with your manuscript, please feel free to contact me. Currently, my rates for this are $1/page. I will read through your book (or the part of your book you send me) and only charge you for those pages read. Then, we can schedule a meeting through Skype/messenger/email or what have you, and I will talk to you about what I read. We can discuss any issues you may have and/or questions, comments and concerns.

Please contact me for more information and availability.

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