The journey begins…

Sarah’s line edits are excellent, but what sets her apart as an editor is her intuitive grasp of story. The comments she made gently nudged my manuscript towards something much better than what is was before, and she truly does care about helping usher the strongest possible book into the world. Highly recommended. – Alec Hutson, author of The Crimson Queen

So you’ve written a book and you’re wondering what comes next. You’ve done the hard work. You’ve put words on the page. Now, you want your work to shine. You want your book to be just as magnificent to your readers as it is in your imagination.

That’s where I come in.

I’m a developmental and line editor specializing in SFF genre books, though I edit just about everything. I am the person you contact when your manuscript is ready for professional attention. Once you’ve gone through all the hard work of writing the thing, I will read it with an eye for detail, and intimate knowledge of the craft of storytelling.

For a list of books I’ve edited, please click here for my Goodreads shelf. Please note, not every book I’ve edited has been published yet.

Email: Sarah (at) bookwormblues (dot) net